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Fulbright scholar, Shu-Cheng Allen Wu holds a DMA degree in music theory and composition from the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign (UIUC). Dr. Wu’s research and interests include contemporary music composition, electronic music, electro-acoustic music, algorithmic music composition, music programming, music information retrieval, and live coding. He also has experience in composing and producing music for animations, short films and games and conducting choirs, theater, chamber music ensemble, wind orchestra, ethnic instrument ensembles.

With over ten years of teaching experience at the post-secondary level, Dr. Wu was a full time assistant professor at the Asia-Pacic Institute of Creativity and a lecturer at Tamkang University and Chaoyang University of Technology where he taught electronic music engineering and composition, multimedia art, art history, creativity, aesthetics, film music production for non-music majors, and more. During his DMA studies, he also worked as a teaching assistant for music theory and aural skills courses in the School of Music, and electroacoustic music techniques in the Unit One program at Allen Hall (UIUC).


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

  • Doctor of Music Art

Fu Jen University, Taiwan

  • Master of Music
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Art Administration and Management Curriculum

National Sun Yat-Sen University

  • Distance Education of MBA Curriculum


Assistant professor, Asia-Pacific Institute of Creativity, MiaoLi 2007-2009

During these two years, I taught students majoring in visual media and art to create music and sound tracks for their own films, websites and animations. The major course I taught included music theory and composition skills, digital music workstations, music production, recording skills, composing for video, etc.. I also helped build and maintain a new music production studio in the institute. During this time, I earned a Pro Tools teacher certification from Avid, and I am qualified to issue Pro Tools certificates to my students, to help with their future careers.

Adjunct Lecturer, Tamkang University, Taipei Country 2003-2007

Lecturer in Multimedia Art, Color Theory and Modern Life, Introduce of Digital Art and Recording Engineering in Center of General Education & Core Curriculum. There are about 70 students each semester. For general education, I opened many kinds of courses like “Multimedia Art”, “Introduction of Digital Art”, “Color and Life” and “Digital Audiovisual Art” and etc.. My idea is to introduce the concept and basic knowledge of digital multimedia to non-majors. In 2002, Tamkang designed built a professional quality concert hall with a fully-equipped recording and video producing studio. I trained students to operate and maintain the concert hall and production studio as part of my my Digital Audiovisual Art course. After one semester, students had a basic concept of studio engineering and, after an internship in the concert hall, could operate the audio and video recording and production systems for concerts, theatre productions, and other concert hall events.

Assistant Research, Tamkang University, Taipei Country 2005-2006

Worked with primary investigator Dr. Philip Shieh, Dean of Center of General Education & Core Curriculum on research project funded by National Science Council on digital music archiving and XML schema design, data archiving and query systems. The XML technology has many current and future applications ranging from music archiving, music research, audiovisual production and more.

Adjunct Lecturer, Chaoyang University of Technology, Taichung Country 2003-2007

Lecturer on Digital Sound Design in the Department of Visual Communication Design teaching sound engineering and music composition to about 60 film/video students per semester.

Music Director, Theater of Fu-Jen University, Taipei Country 2002-2003

With Professor Lynn Scott from the English literature department, produce a live performance “Anastasia Affair” in 2000 and a multimedia musical “R.U.R. Inc.”2001.

Choir Teacher, Yung-Ping High School, Taipei Country1999-2003

As a choir teacher, the Yung-Ping school choir got gold price of taipei choir competition and silver price of national music competition from 1999 to 2001.

Conductor, Military Band of CLC, Department of National Defense, Taipei 1996-1998

During my service in the Headquarter of Combined Logistics Command, my duties were to coach and conduct the military band, prepare and manage band scores, and to compose and arrange music for the band.

Music Composition

Sound track for “Un Chien Andalou”, 2018

“Shadow’s Shadow”, 2018

“UniversesrevinU”, 2018

“Canción”, 2018

“Love Birds”, 2016

“Le Chute”, 2015

“Binbinlayan”, 2014

“ZauberClavier”, 2014

“Bring in the wine”, 2013

“Woods” for Two Percussionists, 2013

“Axonometric projection” for 8 Channel Sound System, 2013

“UNO Canto” for 4-7 Singers and UNO game, 2012

“Plots” for 5.1 Channel Sound System, 2012

“Deì” for Two Piano and Two Theremin, 2012

“Uniformity Theory” for 4 Channel Sound System, 2012

“Syncronicity” for Piano Septet, 2012

Theremin and 4 Channel Audio System and Video, 2011

“Wondering Beyond” for 2 Channel Sound System, 2011

“Cycle” for SATB Voice Quartet, 2011

“For Flute Solo”, 2011

Interactive Piece for Computer, Theremin, and DiscKlavier, 2010

“Roller Coaster” for MIDI and K2000 Synthesizer, 2010

“Wondering” for Violin and Piano, 2010

“Library” for Solo Piano, 2010

Algorithmic composition for UIUC Carillon, 2009

Trio for Violin, Viola and Bassoon, 2009

Duet for 2 Clarinets, 2009

Melody for Solo Theremin, 2009

“Call Me” for Violin solo with interactive Max/MSP program, 2009

Music Performances

“Shadow’s Shadow” performed by the composer at the Kyma International Sound Symposium (KISS2018), Santa Cruz, CA, 9/7/2018

Laptop Improvisation with Jason Finkelman, B.R. Morse in Electronic Music Eastern/Electronic Music Midwest Invitational Mini-Conference, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL, 2/22/2018

“Sonic Playground” with B.R. Morse for Urbana Free Library’s “Prairie Breezes Mini-Concerts for Kids” series; Urbana, IL, 10/7/2017

“Br0økchla” solo improvisations in MISE-EN BOS festival, NY, 9/24/2017

  • Laptop Improvisation with Jason Finkelman, B.R. Morse theremin, trumpet, electronics WEFT radio live broadcast and world-wide webcast, Champaign, IL, 6/26/2017

“From the Shadow of the Sun”, improvisations with B.R. Morse, Jason Finkelman with projections by David Leake, dir., Staerkel Planetarium, Parkland College, IL, 4/14-15/2017

“Mercury Rising” Laptop Improvisation with with Jason Finkelman, B.R. Morse, and John Nichols, Illinois State University planetarium, Tom Willmitch, dir., “Mercury Rising: A Mid-Winter Celebration of Space and Sound,” Normal, IL, 1/20-21/2017

“Wu-Morse Duo with Jason Finkelman and Friends” Laptop Improvisation, Community Center 4 the Arts, Urbana, IL, 1/14/2017

“Homo Homarus”, a one-act improvised opera by Ellen Denham; with B.R. Morse, Tania Coambs, Ellen Denham, Scott Schwartz, Jamie Hutchinson, Dorothy Martirano, Claire Happel, Whitney Ashe, UIUC School of Music, IL, 3/11/2016

“Le Chute” performed in EMM, Kansas City, Kansas, 11/20/2015

“Le Chute” performed in ICMC, Denton, Texas, 9/27/2015

“Axonometric Projection” performed in ICMC, Athens, Greece, 9/19/2014

“King Laptop” Laptop Ensemble Performance with Halim Beere, B.R. Morse, Ming-ching Chiu, Leon Harrell, and John Nichols in Music School, UIUC, 3/27/2014

“Big Tiny Little Dance” November Dance Project with UIUC Dance Department, improvisation with John Toenjes, Ken Beck, Jeff Zahos, Brian Behrns, and Christine King, UIUC, IL , 11/14-16/2013

“Music from the Magellanic Clouds” Laptop Ensemble Performance with Halim Beere, B.R. Morse, Ming-ching Chiu, Leon Harrell, and John Nichols in Planetarium, Parkland College, IL , 5/3/2013

Solo Live Coding Performance in Indigo Art Gallery, Champaign, IL, 3/7/2013

  • “SoundSource6” Laptop Ensemble Performance with Halim Beere, B.R. Morse, Ming-ching Chiu, Leon Harrell, and John Nichols in Createfest II, Chicago, IL, 12/7/2012

“Music for Theremin, 4 Channel Audio, and Video with Max/MSP” Performance in Public Media Center, Urbana, IL, 2011


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