Allen Wu

Allen's Music Composition

  • UniversesrevinU for Leap Motion (GECO), Linnstrument, and Kyma (listen) : Live electroacoustic piece for 4 channel sound system.
  • Axonometroc Projection (listen) : Electroacoustic piece for 8 channel sound system.
  • Interactive Piece for Theremin, Yamaha DiskClavier, and SuperCollider (listen) : For laptop, Theremin, and Yamaha DiskClavier piano.
  • For Flute Solo (listen) (score) : Virtuostic piece for solo flute.
  • Synchornicity (listen) (score) : for Flute, Clarinet, Piano, and String Quartet.
  • Wondering (listen) (score) :
  • Woods (score) : For Two Percussionists with Wood Instruments
  • Binbinlayan (score) : For Children's Choir from a Taiwanese Tribe
  • Live Coding Performance (listen) : In Indigo Art Gallery Champaign, 2013.